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4 Simple SWOT Steps To Deal With Problems and Difficulties in Life Easily.

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4 Simple SWOT Steps To Deal With Problems and Difficulties in Life Easily.

When was the last time you stood for your own rights? When was the last time you stood for a cause? Is that dealing with problems keeps you busy all the time? Problems have become a part of life. From cradle-to-grave, the problems continue in one way or other. We live in a problem-oriented community. We need to realize that problems are nothing but trials & challenges.

The problems are two kinds. One comes from the outside. Another is we create our own problems. Outside problems are either directly around us, or it is a common one for all of us. The outside problems are out of our control.

The SWOT Analysis is a great tool to analyze the problems. It is a very simple 4 steps.
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • If we are to solve problems, we can confine ourselves with our reactions. Dealing with problems should not be emotional. Rational thinking is vital. The problems come in many forms. When to think rationally and when to think emotionally, will vary depending on the circumstances. If we do not handle our reactions properly, more problems can emerge within a single problem.

    Self-examination is essential to overcome any problems. The SWOT Analysis is essential for smooth solutions, both personally and professionally. By analyzing, we surely can make a right decision for our problems.
    Some problems come with a whole lot, not individually. Again, we are forced to think about the circumstances right from the beginning. Just as a coin has two sides, like a day and night, we must use the inevitable good problems and bad problems for our progress. We all faced Corona. Corona was an issue that has come to the whole world. Through it, we learned good things. We learnt to live with that issue. We adjusted ourselves accordingly.

    Let us look at the 4 Simple SWOT Steps To Deal With Problems.

    Number 1 : STRENGTH

    Faith is the core of our lives. If we are to face problems bravely, we must be aware of the pressures that persist in us. Before dealing with a problem, we need an understanding of that issue. To realize our strengths, we need to question ourselves that, can we handle this problem with our emotions, or our intellect or physically. There's a good video about Emotions & Intellect.

    Click here to watch full video.

    So, When problems are not better controlled, it can take many dimensions and life itself becomes problems all around us. Good times and bad times can become a life changer. That is why problems are nothing but trials and challenges. Trying to run away from trials will not solve it. Be bold to face problems. For that, we need to know what our strength is.

    Number 2 : WEAKNESS

    We are forced to deal with problems as they are inevitable. It is very important that we recognize our weakness in all situations. Depending on our weakness, the speed and depth of the problem will change.

    We need to look at the problem from different perspectives. We need to realize what it takes to handle this problem. Through this, our weakness is exposed to us. Then we get a clear understanding of the issue. Some have physical weaknesses, some have mental weaknesses. If we are not a rational thinking person, then it is the time, we change that.

    Often we need to do self-examination. Only then can we know where we stand, what we have done wrong, how we can correct it, and how we can set ourselves apart. We must learn to deal with the problems rationally.

    Number 3 : OPPORTUNITIES

    Problems are full of challenges and opportunities. Problems need to be acknowledged. Effort is the first step in winning. Our efforts need to be best of our ability. If we don't get the thing in the end, simply accept that it is the fate. It is the will of God. He intends to protect us from something where we don't have knowledge of it. But remember, we fail only when our efforts are not put in the first place.

    If we realize the opportunities that arose from our problems, then there will be a clarity on how to handle problems. Simply because whenever we do something, our thoughts will always go into understanding possible problems that could occur.

    Those who complained that they don't have time, got plenty of time during the corona lockdown. Only they know how they have utilized it. This is a classical example of opportunities occur in common problems as well.

    Number 4 : THREATS

    The Nuclear family system is commonly seen in today's world. When family members do not understand their responsibilities, someone from the family have to carry on their shoulders. We are forced in a situation, where we should do things without the help of others. We are living in a time where we need to be alert for our future well-being always. Life has become a threat than a challenge. These types of situations are often widespread. Most of the people are not rendering time for others. Mostly the time is spent in making materialistic benefits. That is also becoming a major goal of many people.

    There is no doubt that we must do all the tasks ourselves. Often, no one comes forward to help. There is no use if you expect to learn from the experience of others. We must learn the techniques as we work. Understanding, passion, enthusiasm and learning skills are all changing. Even though we understand the changes , the changes are progressing faster than us.

    We don't know who our neighbors are, until an earthquake hits. Social interaction is being approached differently. In a fiercely competitive society, the chances of winning a business contract or getting a job, are becoming time-consuming.

    It is essential that we complete the task we started. We can achieve our goals only if we try. Meditation and prayer help us to recover from disappointment and to be free. The world is changing fast. Change is something which we cannot change. We have to change to keep up with the changes. There is no point in trying to change it. You can only improve in life, if you have the attitude to accept change.

    People in metropolitan cities have been spending some of their valuable time in traffic. Talent, time and education have begun to decline in our society. Respect the opinions of others. Let’s face the problems together. We need to live in harmony with one another, without having to run around looking like a horse. To solve our problems first we need to understand what our problem is. No problems are permanent. There will be an end to all problems. There is a solution for everything. Remember, opportunities are always hidden inside every problems.

    Stand upright. Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in every problem you face. Don't fear to try. Enjoy the process. Be kind, and most importantly Thank God.

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