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What defines you? Your Emotions Or Your Intellect?

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What defines you? Your Emotions Or Your Intellect?.

If you think deeply, the decision you make in the outside world, are often a reflection of your thoughts, either emotionally or intellectually.

Whenever we are doing something, it is natural to have thoughts that are running at the back of our head. If you realize, we always pay attention to thoughts that are running in our subconscious mind. We need to understand and differentiate which is the good thought, and which is a bad thought.

Thoughts are like a stream. The water reaches wherever possible. Likewise, there are many thoughts that are running in our mind all the time. Even while you are watching this video, there are other thoughts that are running through your mind.

Whenever you start to give an importance to a particular thought, then immediately your actions begin to move towards it. Even if you are fully engaged in that particular action, there are still other thoughts that are running through your mind. So you can't get yourself fully focused on something hundred percent all the time. There is always some percentage of subconscious thoughts overlapping with your present life.

For example, when we are watching a video on youtube, sometimes our attention goes to the other videos. Before we even finish watching any video, we tend to click on the other video. This does not mean that, the video we were watching was not interesting enough. It was the thought that was running in our mind that distracted us.
This happens when we read news paper as well. We tend to jump from one article to the other. We switch between tv channels, we change music, we flip magazines etc. Even on social media platforms, we tend to scroll faster before we even pause to read something fully. This is what we do every day. The reason is, the flow of thoughts that drives our action every minute. We take decisions based on our thoughts.

If you think I'm right, just watch the full video here.

So, it is a human nature to always have a flow of thoughts in our head. You must try to understand which is an important thought and which is not. You need to pay attention to the thought that will do benefits to you.

In our mind, thoughts appear and disappear every minute. For example, while you are heading to your workplace, a fantastic thought or an idea comes to your mind. You would think, when I reach there, I will share this idea with the people. But often, when you reach there, the thought disappears. Think of it deeply. It would have happened in your life many times.

As we know, thoughts are two types. A good one, and a bad one. If you plan to cheat someone. It is a bad thought. Doing so, it becomes a bad action. If you plan to help your parents. It is a good thought. Doing so, it becomes a good action. So actions are purely based on our thoughts.

We need to further understand how thoughts shape our actions. There are two types of shapes that we give to your thoughts. One is an Emotion shape. Another one is an Intellect shape.

With every thought, we either gets emotional or we gain intelligence.

For example, one may decide to quit smoking. He may even begin to strictly follow it. But, at some point of time, under some circumstances, he may think to smoke just one cigarette. If he chooses to smoke, it means that he has given an emotional shape to his thought. This is an emotional behavior. But if he chooses not to smoke by realizing the effects of smoking. It means he has given an intellect shape to his thought. He chose to listen to the knowledge.

Also, as well all know, there are bad emotions and good emotions. For example, anger, worrying, frustration, jealousy are all bad emotions. Love, compassion, kindness are all good emotions. If any worrying thought comes into your mind, and you start to worry, your thought takes bad emotional shape. If any kind thought comes into your mind, and you start to feel peace, your thought takes good emotional shape. So you are the one who express the good emotion or the bad emotion. We need to realize that emotions are fully under our control.

Another example, a student who failed in his exam. Or someone who lost his job. Thoughts about these incidents are continue to flow at the back of his head. He has to decide whether he should be thinking about this and keep worrying. Worrying is a very bad emotion. If he chooses to be thinking about the incident, it is his bad emotional choice. Whereas, if he chooses to get over it and think about what's next. This means his intellect grew.

Intellect will never come under our control. We will be in it's control all the time. Whereas, all emotions are always under our control.

There are some people who enjoys being sad. They feel happy telling others that, their problem is bigger than others. Listening halfway the story, they interrupt and say, I have faced more difficulties than you do now. But if you ask them, do you really want a big problem than others?. The answer would be no.
Understand your thought before you give a shape. If you intensify any particular thought and start to behave emotionally, emotions will overwhelm you.

You need to understand how to hook a good thought from all of the other thoughts. When to give your thoughts an emotional shape, when to give an intellect shape depends upon various circumstances.
There comes a situation that conflicts. Should we approach intellectually. Or. Should we approach Emotionally. In such situation, it is often best to make a decision based on intellect.
But our intention often goes to making an emotional decision. That is why most of the things that happen around us succeed in stirring our emotions. Look at marketing, politics, they simply stir your emotions to get into your head to be in favor of them.

The thing that brings most people together is emotion. In times of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis etc., people helped each other regardless of religion, language or race. People were selfless. They were showing kindness and love to others. Thoughts took an emotional shape here.
Similarly, a child, for being pretty, cannot score extra marks in the examination. Teacher gives score simply based on how the child wrote the exam. Thoughts take intellect shape here.

Intellect makes us to listen to it.
Intellectual thoughts can do constructive things.
Emotional thoughts can be used to do constructive things.

So the conclusive statement is. To make your life better or to ruin life, it revolves around how you shape your thoughts. We need to train the children, how and when to make emotional and intellectual decisions. This could help them become a responsible person in the society. Always keep in mind, Intellect will never come under our control. Whereas emotions are fully under our control.

So, our actions are purely based on our thoughts.

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